Who is Chris Cash?

Chris Cash has 11 years experience as a full-time professional guitarist. He has toured and recorded with several well known regional bands, including Epic recording artists Nantucket.
Chris has been the lead guitarist at Brookwood Church in upstate South Carolina for over 13 years, and has been teaching guitar and bass most of those years.
Today Chris plays every week in the southeastern U.S.A. both as a member of popular regional bands and as a journeyman guitarist and bassist.

From years of experience teaching guitar and electric bass, Chris knows that if you teach someone to play the kind of music they personally enjoy, you don't have to tell them to practice! Because there is no set curriculum, we don't refer to it as "lessons".
Chris understands that people learn differently, and must be taught differently. Seldom do you find two students who have the same influences, and/or learn the same way. A teaching method that works well for one student may not work at all for another. Everything at CASH GUITAR is taught one-on-one in a private room with no pressure. For these reasons, we prefer to call it "Personal Guitar Instruction".
Years ago, Chris decided he would teach guitar soloing to any of his students who were willing to learn. At the time, there was no one in upstate SC teaching students to solo on guitar. There was no established universally accepted teaching or documented instructions on how to play a guitar solo to any song in any key. It was "uncharted territory". Now Chris has developed a proven method for learning to solo in major and minor scales that anyone can learn.

Chris has students today who perform in front of hundreds (and often thousands) of listeners every week. Virtuosos from age six to sixty-something are learning the secrets, and unlocking the mysteries of guitar and bass. Students at CASH GUITAR have auditioned for record companies, and major networks Nickelodeon and Disney. Cash Guitar students have auditioned and been accepted in the Greenville Fine Arts Center. Cash Guitar students have become professional musicians, recording artists and band leaders. Almost the entire lineup of two varsity bands at Brookwood church are Cash Guitar students. You can witness live performances of many current and former students online today, and see the results of the CASH GUITAR method of guitar soloing.

There is a difference between guitar and bass lessons, and Personal Guitar Instruction. See the results for yourself. Click on the link on top or the bottom of this page for Available Times