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Cash Guitar Instruction Policies

Price: $95.00 per month (as of 1/1/2019)

Payment is due on the first lesson of each month.
Fee includes a minimum of four (4) lessons per month, with one (1) scheduled lesson per week. If there are five lessons in a month, there is no additional charge for the fifth lesson. If a student begins with less than four weeks remaining in the month, the new student will receive a pro-rated fee based on $24.00 per week.
 There are no late fees; However, we cannot roll any unpaid debt over to the next month. If a student has missed payment for a month, they cannot resume lessons the following month until all payments are up to date. There are no minimum contracts. Students may move to other available time slots as the need arises.

Weather and other "acts of God" are not subject to pro rates or make-up dates.
We will use the Greenville County Schools as a general guideline to determine whether we will open or close when conditions are unsafe to travel.
Missed lessons must be rescheduled as a make-up, and are not subject to pro-rates.

Make-Up Lessons
We will try to schedule one (1) make up day per month for missed lessons. All make-up lessons must be scheduled within seven (7) days of the missed lesson. All make-up lessons must be scheduled within the calendar month of the missed lesson. Make-up lessons must be scheduled by email on an available time slot, and must be confirmed by email reply to reduce the possibility of double booking the time slot. Scheduled make-up lessons will be moved in the event of new students enrolling in the listed available time slot. Every effort will be made to accommodate student scheduling conflicts. Please email Chris at cashguitar@charter.net as soon as the need for a make-up lesson arises, so the scheduled missed time slot can be offered as a make up date to another student. If make-up days offered are not acceptable, the missed lesson may be lost. Pro-rates do not apply to missed lessons. 

If a student plans to discontinue or pause guitar lessons, please inform Chris before the last week of the calendar month. Advance notice will allow Cash Guitar to list the available time slot on the website and avoid the vacancy. Anyone can re-enroll at any time by emailing  Chris at cashguitar@charter.net or calling (864) 979-CASH.

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